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Matt Hoyles is a one man Indie soul, blues rock explosion.

Whether it's the Roma blood, some weird, untold astrological phenomena, or the impact of spending 2 years in Detroit as a kid... maybe it was being the middle child... heck, maybe the moon was just right. Whatever the cause, this boy was born with the blues in his heart.


Gritty guitar, wailing harmonica, mad foot percussion and wickedly expressive vocals combine to create a unique rootsy sound that will get you stomping your feet and clapping your hands like there’s no tomorrow! Hoyles is a compelling entertainer who leaves it all on stage! His musicianship as both a guitarist and singer is original, mesmerising and an unforgettable experience.

After 7 years in Vancouver, Canada, Matt is back home in Aotearoa, and ready to make more noise than any one person should be capable of.

Matt's debut album TIME, is available across all major streaming platforms. 


Vancouver’s Permanent Rain Press states "Hoyles proves he can pack a lot into one song, let alone a whole album with Time, his passionate, gritty voice and unconventional mish-mash of blues and other elements make for a vibrant and soulful album”

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