Matt Hoyles is a low down, wailing bluesman, hailing from deepest darkest New Zealand:


Whether it's the gypsy blood, some weird, untold astrological phenomena, or the impact of spending 2 years in Detroit as a kid... maybe it was being the middle child... heck, maybe the moon was just right, and there was goofer dust in the air, or maybe he just got dropped on the head one too many times. Whatever the cause, this boy was born with the blues in his heart.


The music began (if we forget the incessant humming and rambling songs of a distinctly weird child) when Matt started classical guitar at age 7; the guitar was bigger than his body, but not his passion for music. It wasn't long until the allure of modern music called and thus several blues, punk, rock, and just plain bad bands were formed. Matt, his brother Alex, and brother from another mother, Dan, finally got some good tunes together and formed The Lastimes, a pretty rockin' band that allowed for copious amount of underage drinking and talents to be honed. The Lastimes toured, played with The D4, The Checks, The Have... and many other significant "The's", they even got on Maori TV, ka pai, guys!

Many other bands and multi-instrumental roles followed over the next decade including  the bizarrely named Queen Edward's House of Blues; alt-folk groups Paper Cranes, and White Rabbit Black Monkey, where playing guitar, bass, harmonica, ukulele, percussion and ocarina could all be considered normal in a set; and Prog Rockabilly (if that's even a thing) band The Deloreans, where Matt united with his best friends Dan Weston (of Lastimes fame), and Geoff Ong (just fame all round), and had to man up and sing in front of people properly for the first time. It's mostly thanks to Geoff that he actually worked on singing, and mostly stopped wailing.

After broadening his horizons through prolific guitar teaching, obtaining a bachelors degree in music, and becoming proficient in both composition and orchestral scoring (that’s right, this bluesman is really just a big nerd), distant shores began to whisper their siren song. The call was too strong to ignore so, leaving New Zealand behind, Matt travelled to Europe and somehow managed to survive as a wandering minstrel until, that is, he finally took the long awaited flight to the Great North and settled in Vancouver, Canada. 


Drawing inspiration from Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Son House, BB King, Eric Bibb, Gary Clark Jr., Robert Cray, Seasick Steve, Otis Redding, and countless others, he combines all influences both classic and modern to forge a powerhouse of passionate, blues fuelled soul that is wholly his own! Gritty guitar, wailing harmonica, mad foot percussion and howlingly expressive vocals combine to create a unique rootsy sound that will get you stomping your feet and clapping your hands like there’s no tomorrow.

Matt Hoyles’ debut album TIME, is currently available across all major digital music distributors. The album was  released in spring 2018 to a sold out crowd at Vancouver’s legendary Railway Club; and as Vancouver’s Permanent Rain Press states "Hoyles proves he can pack a lot into one song, let alone a whole album with Time, his passionate, gritty voice and unconventional mish-mash of blues and other elements making for a vibrant and soulful album”

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